A Minecraft server like no other.

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Compatible with 1.17.1 and newer


NightRealm has 5 custom and unique games.


Nations is a realistic geo-political game which replicates many aspects of real life, such as countries, cities, diplomacy, militaries, weapons, vehicles, tech, wealth, and a realistic economy.

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Survival on NightRealm offers a modern and harder take on the original Minecraft gamemode, adding an economy, block locking, claiming, player warps, chest shops and SlimeFun, replicating the experience of modded Survival in multiplayer. Server ranks such as VIP, MVP, and GMVP can't be bought, they can only be earned through Survival.

Run & Gun

Run & Gun includes its own set of shooter games, including Team Deathmatch, Spider Defense and Gun Duels, and utilizing a gun system exclusive to NightRealm that has many times been called the best on any Minecraft server.

Other games

Creative enables free building with WorldEdit and serves as a concept tool for games like Nations and Survival. Our Parkour game has many fun maps to play on, as well as a leaderboard to compete on. Players can submit their own Parkour maps through Discord.

Voting not only gets more players on the server, but also gives you various in-game rewards, and doesn't take long.

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